What are the health effects of drugs?

Our society is plagued by excessive drug use. The use of these substances dangerously affects the daily life of the subjects. Whether in the short or long term, the effects of drugs are always present. In this article, we will outline some of the health effects of drugs.

Short-term effects

The effects of drugs are felt depending on the type of product. If we take cannabis leaves for example, their consumption causes immediate effects on the mind. It gives you an immediate feeling of well-being and a level of euphoria that you have never experienced before. You feel like you are in another world. Even though the drug makes you feel very good about yourself, the reality is quite different. Your body and your brain take a lot of damage. While you think you're in great shape, your brain is plagued by confusion, drowsiness, loss of concentration, inability to remember easily. When you know the disadvantages of sleep deprivation in human life, you realise that the drug does more harm than good. In the body of people who take drugs, there is damage to the blood vessels, a drop in blood pressure that can lead to fainting or worse. The heart rate accelerates abnormally.

Long-term effects

Long-term effects occur over time and as you start the drug. One of the long-term effects of drug use is addiction. You find it hard to stop using and it has a negative effect on your life. The damage to your brain can lead to dementia. Being subjected for a relatively long period to drug use, can cause lung disease, cardiovascular disease or promote the occurrence of certain cancers.

The effects on pregnant women

The use of the drug is absolutely not tolerated in pregnant women. As the foetus feeds on nutrients carried in the mother's blood, anything the mother consumes directly affects the unborn child. The drug can impair the child's memory functions. A baby whose foetus has been subjected to the effects of drugs may suffer from inattention or reactivity. Beyond the dangers that all drug users face, a pregnant woman who does so is putting her child's life at risk.