3 behaviours to avoid during pregnancy

When you are pregnant, you have to adopt new habits. You no longer eat and act for yourself. You are also, and above all, doing it for your future baby. It is therefore important to avoid certain habits that could compromise the normal development of the foetus or even make your delivery difficult. In this article, we will discuss three behaviours to avoid during pregnancy.

Taking alcohol

You should know: alcohol and pregnancy do not mix. If you're pregnant, you should definitely not drink alcohol. It has been scientifically proven that alcohol impairs the development of the foetus and the nervous system. Even in very small quantities, alcohol can cause foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). This syndrome is the cause of several problems in children, such as intellectual delays, behavioural problems, facial deformities, etc. Worse still, if you drink alcohol during your pregnancy, you run the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery. It is therefore strictly forbidden to consume alcohol during pregnancy.


Once you are pregnant, you meet a lot of people who give you advice to follow. It may be about what medicines to take. Probably medicines that these people had to use during their pregnancy. But this is a behaviour that should be avoided. When you are pregnant, you should avoid taking medicines without the advice of a health professional. Even the most innocuous medicine can have a negative effect on your baby.
your baby. According to several studies, self-medication is the cause of several malformations, growth retardation, heart problems or kidney failure. To have a perfectly healthy child, avoid using medicines without your doctor's advice.


It's common knowledge that smoking seriously damages your health. During pregnancy, this harm is much more serious in the unborn child. All the toxic substances contained in tobacco dangerously harm the normal development of the foetus. These substances reach the foetus through the mother's blood, which passes through the umbilical cord. This puts the growth of the foetus at great risk. Mothers who smoked during pregnancy were found to have frequent premature births. They had miscarriages. The children who were born suffered from asthma and developed various kinds of allergies.