How to develop your immune system?

The immune system is the set of mechanisms that protect our body against foreign bodies. To have an immune system that can defend you and keep you healthy, it is important to adopt certain behaviours. We give you some tips to boost your immune system.

Getting vaccinated

We are used to saying that prevention is better than cure. This reflects the importance of the vaccine, knowing that it has a preventive role. It prepares the body to defend itself against possible invaders such as bacteria, parasites, fungi and others. The evolution and use of vaccines has enabled mankind to fight and even eradicate certain diseases. The purpose of vaccines is to create antibodies, ready to fight micro-organisms. For example, vaccination against measles or influenza helps to save millions of lives every year. Thanks to this scientific feat, life expectancy at the level of children has improved considerably.


Sport, more sport and always sport. We can't say it enough, sport is a perfect remedy against diseases. So it's not for nothing that doctors recommend it to us. Even if it is not intense physical activity, it is important to move regularly. Moving muscles promote the immune system. Walking or cycling is very effective. For extra motivation, it is advisable to work in a team. If you have chronic illnesses that prevent you from practising sport on a daily basis, you should not try too hard. You should not, in a quest for immune defence, aggravate your health condition.

Limit alcohol consumption

Both alcohol and tobacco are health hazards. They weaken your immune defence. A person who drinks alcohol very often, is more likely to get a lung disease. If you are injured, it is harder for your body to heal if it is used to alcohol. Alcohol destroys enough of the cells that play an important role in the immune system. It also tends to take the place of water, which should allow the evacuation of waste and the distribution of nutrients in our body. This is why it is important to drink enough water regularly. A perfectly hydrated body is more efficient in producing antibodies for the immune system.